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1. ONLY > = 100mw/Diode Laser Do Body Shape

2. 100mw Diode Laser is as 10 times 5mw Diode Laser

3. 5mw Diode Laser CAN NOT SLIM Only for Keep Result After Treatment


Laser diode wavelength 635nm-650nm

Energy output: 44x160mw = 7040MW

Main power output: 100VA

Safetu: on board diagnostics

Cooling requirements: 240V/5A/50Hz 110V/5A/60Hz

Mode of operations continuous

4 x big paddle with 10 diode laser // each (total 40 diode laser)

2 x small paddle with 2 diode laser // each (total 4 diode laser)

1 x metal holder for diode paddles

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