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-- Light skin Detection Lens

-- LCD display for skin observation

-- New concept of skin rejuvenation, the most advanced skin renew technology.

-- Combined supersonic technology and photodynamic therapy.

-- Mild and painless treatment, safe and effective.

-- User friendly design, easy to operate.


-- Acne removal: removal acne, comedones, and acne scar. Restrain the inflammation

-- Wrinkle removal : removal wrinkles around lip, eye pit, eyebrow, neck and wrinkles that caused by pregnancy

-- Skin rejuvenation: removal pigment and freckles; contract large hair pore, clean the skin completely, improve the flexibility and tone of the skin.

-- Promote the hair regrowth : change the status of alopecia seborrheica, alopecia areata, hair nursing

-- Scar removal: scar, acne scar caused by laser treatment, burn, surgical etc.

Technical parameter:

Wave length of PDT : Red Light 630±5nm, Blue Light 460±5nm

Yellow Light 580nm±5nm, Mix Light

Treatment Intensity of PDT : 250mW/cm²

Max. Pressure of Air Compressor: 8 Bar

Min. Pressure of Air Compressor: 6 Bar

Max. Air Flow of Air Compressor: 109L/Min

Power of Air Compressor: 400W

Compressor Type: Oiless Silent Pump

Size: 105 x 60 x 51cm
G.W: 60 kg
Power : 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ


1.Jet peel

2.PDT system


4.Diamond dermabrasion

5.Ozone ourput

6.High pressure air compressor


oxygen jet peel oxygen peel skin rejuvenation 
2.Diamond Dermabrasion 
3.High Pressure Air Compressor 
4.Ozone Output

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